What The #@$@$ is An Automated MLS Offer

I made a little video with Zack Childress to explain how “Mr. Automation” has figured out, or should I say BROKEN the MLS Code.

What am I talking about?

Well, for years you may have heard about people finding and buying deals right out of the MLS.

We’ve all met them, but either they could not explain or weren’t willing to share how they had gotten so LUCKY…until now.

When Zac was looking to further automate his Real Estate Investing business, he met a guy out of South America that had figured out a way to place a “Purchase and Sale” offer on every property that is for sale within the MLS.  We have discovered a way to “automatically” find leads out of the MLS and the ability to send hundreds of personalized contracts to sellers at the push of a single button where the sellers literally beg you to buy their deals.

Get on the webinar –> http://misunversity.com/webinar

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