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Understanding the California shortsale tax is necessary when contemplating selling a home for less than what is owed on it (selling a home “short, ” in other words), which is a situation many homeowners in the Golden State are being forced to confront in our challenging economic environment. Not only has the bottom fallen out in the housing market in many areas, but tax laws are generally not too forgiving, sad to say.

Loan Modification Programs – Lenders Will Allow Early Workouts – You Don

t Have to Be Delinquent

Homeowners who are facing imminent financial hardship with their current home loan can apply for loan modification help even if they are not yet delinquent on their payments. The federal program, Making Home Affordable, the driving force behind one of the largest streamlined loan modification programs will allow borrowers who face financial difficulty to request early loan workouts, even if they have never been late on their payments.

Foreclosure Listings No Membership – Can I Get Such a List?

Many people have heard about the foreclosure listings out there, floating around the Internet. However, it seems that many of those same people have a hard time finding a list that they feel they can trust. This may be because many people still think that it just sounds too good to be true.

National Foreclosure Listings – Serving All States

You can find foreclosure listings that pertain to every single state in the union. Some states like Idaho and North Dakota actually have fairly barren opportunities listed when you go on to check out these foreclosed properties. This is because within these two states you have near full employment and when you have near full employment in these two states you likely won’t see as many properties being foreclosed upon in comparison to what is available in other states.

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