Our SWAT Instructor this week is Mike Watson on a new and cutting-edge investing technique: How To Get Seller Financing… From BANKS! on their Bank REOs.

I know you are aware of the flood of national bank-owned properties, Foreclosures, and Short Sales. You know there are great opportunities for profit.

The question is… Do you want to use the same old techniques that thousands of others are using? OR, do you want to use a NEW technique that very few people are using?

Don’t waste your time being just one in a crowd of rabid investors.

The target is banks. The truth is banks are flooded with properties they now own due to foreclosures. Banks are bursting at the seams with these properties. Times are desperate for these bloated banks. Banks are doing CRAZY things right now to get rid of their excess inventories. But, only a few lucky investors are even getting a peak at the banks’ properties.

You CAN be one of the lucky ones who benefits from the banks’ “million dollar” problem!

How do I know this works? I am currently personally working with banks on properties that have amazing cash flows. I LOVE cash flow! Many of my students around the country are also using this “Banks and Seller Financing” system to create huge profits and cash flows. My best students are experts at creating passive income.

The bottom line is banks are willing to Seller Finance their properties to you. Sound crazy? It’s completely logical, the crazy part is that no one is teaching this except me. Once you start using my simple Banks and Seller Financing system, banks will THANK you for taking this properties off their hands. Then, your checkbook and retirement plan will thank you!

Join me on my upcoming Webinar to learn the secrets on this new technique. You’ll crush the competition with this and they’ll be scratching their heads, wondering how you do it.

What do you need to get started? Well, you DON’T need cash, credit, or prior experience. Those things help, but we’ll show you how to start at zero, and systematically climb to wealth.

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