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Short sales are one of the strategies that works great in in today’s market. With the spike in foreclosures, savvy real estate investors are looking to help struggling homeowners and put fists full of cash in their pockets at the same time.

What Happens During a Foreclosure – Knowing the Basics

Are you facing foreclosure? Are you about to lose your home? Read this article for more information about foreclosures and how to avoid the foreclosure of your home.

Government Help to Stop Foreclosure? Not Really – 5 Real Ways to Stop Foreclosure

“Government help to stop foreclosure” is something which may people are looking for today. Faced with job losses and high cost of living, many home owners are having their homes foreclosed by the banks. But can the government really help?

How to Stop Foreclosure Before it Happens

Are you afraid that you are about to lose your home? Don’t worry, you have a lot more control then you think. Use these tips and resources to stop foreclosure and save your house.

Avoid Home Foreclosure – Is Short Sale the Best Solution?

In the current real estate markets, there are many, many people who own homes that have a market value worth less than the amount of mortgage of their home. It is like mining for diamonds and only finding coal. It is not only homeowners but also property investors who own rental units or multiple properties for lease, rent or sale, as well. So what can a homeowner do in harsh economic times? One real viable option is to get rid of a bad investment and avoid foreclosure with a short sale option.

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