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With the rising numbers of foreclosures, lenders have far too many properties to sell. To avoid eroding the value of their repossessed properties, banks often hold an inventory of unlisted repossessed homes. These unlisted properties may be referred to as ghost inventory and you can profit from these unlisted foreclosure homes.

Latest Mortgage Default Statistics – These Numbers Will Amaze You!

This is amazing. The Mortgage Bankers Association keep statistics on foreclosures, payment defaults etc. As a Certified Distressed Properties Expert, I get regular updates on this information. When I received these numbers, I just had to share them!

Notices of Default and Pre-Foreclosure

A foreclosure begins with a Notice Of Default. It lets the owner know that they are in default on their loan payments and that the lending institution will begin foreclosure proceedings if the payments are not brought up to date.

Alternative Foreclosure Option – Tips to Avoid Foreclosure Without Affecting Your Credit Report

Worried homeowners who are not able to make their monthly mortgage payments on time are facing foreclosure. It is a kind of legal process in which a borrower under a mortgage is deprived of his own interests in the mortgaged property. Millions of people wanted to avoid foreclosure and are looking for alternative foreclosure option that may save their dream home.

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