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There are no perfect scenarios when dealing with property owners in foreclosure. Many are looking for that fresh start and think that maybe vacating the property is the first step in that process. Can a vacant house help you work the Short Sale more effectively? Only if the house is not trashed, here is some information for you to remind the property owner who may want to own a house again.

Which Debts Could Lose You Your Home?

In today’s economy millions are struggling with severe debt problems. Keeping a roof over your head is vital, so you need to concentrate efforts on keeping up with the debts that could result in foreclosure if they stay unpaid.

Worried About a Deficiency Judgment? Negotiate it Away

So far in the foreclosure crisis and resulting meltdown of the financial markets, there does not seem to have been an increase in the number of banks seeking out deficiency judgments against homeowners. On the contrary, the market has really only seen increases in the number of banks attempting to unload their bad mortgages onto the government.

Free Grant Money For Foreclosure Homes

Foreclosure grants are available for both parties. This is free grant money from the government to help people stop foreclosure and to provide money to investors who are capable and willing to buy foreclosed homes. This government financial aid can help you achieve your goals, and once obtained you will never be asked to pay the money back. In as little as 7 days you could have your foreclosure grant and get the money you need to move your life forward.

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