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There has never been a time in our country’s history where the rate of foreclosures have been this high. Banks and mortgage company’s may act like they are not interested in working out these Short Sale deals, but the reality is that they need you the Realtor or Investor much more than they let on. Knowing those fact will enable you to work from a position of strength, not weakness. This article will shed some light on this subject.

How to Profit From the Changing Foreclosure Market in 2009 and Beyond

The real estate market has changed dramatically. In 2009, old strategies of foreclosures investing no longer work. Read about what you need to know to be successful in investing in foreclosures in today’s market.

Short Sales, Flips, Pre Foreclosures – Is This the End?

It’s just a matter of time (and not much time, at that) before the Uniform Closing Instructions (UCI) become widely adopted and transform real estate investing as we know it. The bad news is, the introduction of the UCI into the real estate scene will hurt many investors because they either won’t know about the UCI or they won’t be ready or willing to adjust the way they structure their deals.

Loan to Help Stop Foreclosure Versus Loan Modification

If you’re facing an imminent foreclosure, then the first thought most people have is to take out a small personal loan to catch up all delinquent repayments. Once your overdue repayments are caught up, the bank will no longer be able to foreclose on your home, right?

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