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If you are in trouble with mortgage payments, then you are not alone tied in this situation. Million of Americans are sailing in the same boat to reset their loans. Indymac is ready to help the homeowners who are facing home foreclosure and not able to make their monthly payments on time due to financial crisis because of health or loss of job.

3 Great Tips to Help You Avoid Home Foreclosure

With the current economic crisis the number of home foreclosures has steadily been increasing. However, if you don’t want to end up like so many others there are ways in which you can stop home foreclosure from happening to you.

The Loan Modification Cure

Lately, Loan Modification has been almost omnipresent in the news, and rightfully so. Thousands of homeowners across America are modifying their mortgages to prevent foreclosure, lower their interest rates, and in some cases, lower the principle balances of their mortgages.

Can Mortgage Lenders Take the Keys to My House to Avoid Foreclosure?

What you are asking for is a “Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure” where you deed the property back to the lender and the lender agrees to not foreclose on the property for what you owe them. The answer to your question is yes, you can give it back to them under certain circumstances and if you follow their rules to do so. You can contact the lender and ask them if you can simply do the “Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure” and depending on their guidelines they may agree to do this for you.

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