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Very few people buy their home with the idea that they will end up in foreclosure. There are some people who do this, but they are actively engaging in mortgage fraud, and they know it. The majority of people, though, just want to live in their homes and enjoy them.

Wells Fargo Loan Modification – Why You Could Be Denied!

Hoping that you will be approved for a Wells Fargo loan modification that will lower your monthly mortgage payment? Well, the sad fact is that not everyone will qualify for a loan workout, so you need to be sure you understand why you could be denied a loan modification – then you will be able to avoid those areas that could spell trouble for your application.

What to Expect With Short Sales

Do you want to profit from the real estate market? Even if you are classified as an inexperienced buyer, now is the best time to turn a profit. Whether you opt for owning and renting or real estate flipping, it is a buyers market.

With Short Sales, It

s Good to Know All Your Options

You can make a real difference in a property owner’s life by knowing what all their options are when working Short Sales. This article will highlight some of those options and how best to assist your client or customer through the foreclosure mine field. Here are some simple rules I use when working with Short Sale clients that want real answers.

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