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What happens during a foreclosure? How long does this process take, and what options do I have if I want to save my home; are other questions that you may have in your head in this difficult situation. I will clarify some of them for you and give you some tips to delay the process.

Foreclosure – Avoiding Frauds

Foreclosures are sometimes an inevitable step that you are forced to take when you find yourself in deep financial troubles. There is nothing wrong in it and in fact some banks or lending institutions even help you foreclose a property and get you out of the mess that you are currently in. Despite all this, you need to be careful about certain companies or individuals who might take advantage of your position and try to make money out of selling you tall promises about how they can not only avoid foreclosure but also help you repay the mortgage. They sometimes come in the garb of counseling agencies, whereas at other times they are disguised as individuals willing to buy or even real estate agents.

Why Property Retails Below the Market Value

A good real estate investment is a result of making informed purchase decisions. With a plethora of properties and valuable information available through our service, we assist you in accessing properties which create instant equity from the minute you purchase them at the house foreclosure auction.

The Rise of the Foreclosures – Rental Market Impact

As foreclosures are obviously on the rise, Illinois ranks the fifth highest state of foreclosure in the nation. With more than 30,000 foreclosed homes now since the beginning of this year, and almost the same number waiting to be filed in Grand Chicago Land area alone, the number of foreclosed homes is only growing by the hundreds week after week.

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