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This is critical information that all newspapers should print to save millions of people in foreclosure from more surprises and continued pain. What happens is that people who finally get through a foreclosure or short sale are relieved and think they’re done…

How Do You Buy Foreclosed Properties?

There is a sign on the property. Should you call the listing office? Pricing on a foreclosure/REO/ bank-owned property needs to be right. At this stage, you need to find a local Realtor who knows the market. The Realtor will show you comparable sales to justify your asking price.

Are You Financially Distressed in Your Home?

Behind on payments? Heading toward foreclosure? Think you are on your own? Need help, but don’t know where to turn? Feeling embarrassed? STOP WORRYING! HELP IS AT HAND! We have all seen the little signs on the roadside “Sell your home now – for cash”, “Facing foreclosure, call us”. Yeah right. Most of the people that call end up in a foreclosure situation when they didn’t need to! If the investor cannot negotiate the price he wants from your lender, he will often walk away! Leaving you against a wall!

Loan Modification

The current economy is unfortunately causing a massive amount of foreclosures. Individuals who are threatened with this possibility need to understand there are options for them. The lender may be willing to work with the homeowner in regards to saving their home from foreclosure.

Owner Financing – The Foreclosure Process

One of the great parts of the owner finance home sale is the opportunity to work with the buyer in the case of financial problems. By creating a solution that works for both parties a home owner is more than likely to stay in the house and the loan holder will continue to receive monthly payments. If a solution cannot be created then unfortunately foreclosure might be the only option to take. This article will present a look and some of the different ways foreclosures can be handled.

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