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Do short sales really work? You would be surprised, if done correctly, banks discount properties considerably for short sales. With the current decline of the economy comes alternative methods of gaining wealth. If you’re like me, your email inbox has been flooded with “get rich quick” schemes. The leading topic of income streams in today’s current economy is the infamous short sale. Contrary to belief, short sales are not a new tactic invented by any one person. Short sales are not a re-invention of the wheel. Short sales have been practiced since the conception of the modern mortgage product.

What Works – A Purpose in Your Foreclosure Procedure

The things you do in your foreclosure procedure have a huge impact on how your foreclosure works for you. Everything that comes about and at the time it comes about during your foreclosure is for the most part dependent on the actions you make or settle not to make. Deciding to be accountable in your foreclosure procedure is one of the most essential things that you could do for yourself during foreclosure.


Buy House For Cash

Programs a Scam Or Solution to Foreclosure?

Buy house for cash transactions can offer benefits to both buyers and sellers. This type of real estate transaction provides an opportunity for homeowners facing foreclosure to get out from under their mortgage note and for buyers to obtain a great real estate deal.

A Question on Foreclosure Squatters and Real Estate Law That No One is Addressing

If someone owns a piece of property and allows unabated trespassing across the property for long periods of time, and then arbitrarily starts enforcing their property rights, real estate law tells them they may not have the rights to do this, even if they own the property. Currently, we have a new type of trespassing that is absolutely out of control – Foreclosure Squatting.

Foreclosures and How to Avoid Them – Stop Foreclosure

During this tough economic times and you people are facing foreclosures on their home. You may have been talked into a variable rate when you purchased your home. Now that rate has gone up and it is creating a situation where you cannot afford your monthly payments because they have increased.usually the bank will give you about three months before they send you a foreclosure notice and at that time, you will have about 20 days to vacate your home. Your best option is to have an open line of communication with your bank because in this housing market banks are more than willing to work out a solution for you.

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