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The increase in foreclosures has resulted, predictably, in a surge in the number of scammers pretending to want to help homeowners in need. Here are some of the scams to be aware of: The Bailout: The homeowner is led to believe that by signing over title to the house he or she can remain as a renter and buy the house back over time. The terms of the buyback are impossible to meet and the homeowner loses possession.

How to Stop a Foreclosure

If you’re facing foreclosure, then you’ve got a lot on your mind. This article will discuss the different ways to STOP foreclosure in its tracks!

How to Stop Foreclosure on a Home – Saving Your Home From Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a stressful, difficult time for anyone, but if you were handed workable options that could stop foreclosure from happening, would you use those options so you could save your home? The primary reason banks foreclose on homes is because the mortgage is in arrears and they aren’t seeing any attempts at catching up from the client. This is where you can actually help the bank to feel more sympathetic toward you by taking some steps to stop foreclosure.

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