Facebook is one of the most popular media social networking and its members is rapidly increasing. This is an excellent tool for networking, but how many tools available for networking on the Web, advertising or marketing activities are frowned upon.

So be careful when you miss using Facebook and you are doing business online marketing under the radar, or a powerful tool to boost your business.

In this article I will give you some important tips to maximize, to the power of Facebook.

1) As in any social place, be careful what you indicated in your profile.

You do not want to see as spammer link. And you do not want to reveal too much personal information, give either (except if you do not care that thousands of people) can see visible for all.

Only with a personal detail that you see the view for others, such as where you live and watch the pictures of your children. You do not want to get a stalker, especially if you are networking with strangers.

2) Do not make the mistake of your company name as a profile name, because it is against the Facebook terms of service.

You may create Facebook pages, which brand your company, your products or websites.

Answer 3) applications for contact and carefully, you send your own invitations. Make it personal and interesting.

The development of a large network is the best goal in the long term to create a flow of traffic slow but steady on your sites. Use this tool to your advantage, without being intrusive or overbearing. Members of Facebook hate spam (who does not?) And be very careful, because anything that fails in his term of service (TOS).

When you see profile of those of another network, add them as your friends with the “Add to Friends” button. Follow the instructions in the editing tool allows you to complete all the information you want others on your network or others to accept you as a friend to see.

4) Use a variety of Facebook applications.

Facebook has many applications where you want to make your network easier and more enjoyable experience. Examples are applications for adding hardware or photo albums on your profile for others, should be visible.

I will discuss two other powerful Facebook applications in an instant.

5) With “My Questions Facebook’s” application to find out what people are searching for your niche just above

Here posters to answer some questions about themselves and what they want on Facebook. They are also a list of their interests. Use in your networking activities.

Unless they have made an interest in your area to express yourself, do not invite them to join your friends list. Of course you can always ask if you really want to be her boyfriend.

But if you’re there for your network of sites, and then you choose your friends wisely. That’s how you build your list and get visitors to your website. You may now manage your time and eliminate non-productive activities.

Here, TOS Facebook also be very cautious’s. Do not go against them, because contrary to the rules will get you blocked.

6) Use Debate “Facebook”.

The answer to Facebook instant messaging. Chatting or IM’ing on Facebook is very simple if you use the Facebook debate.

Just go to your Facebook page and you can immediately discuss with Facebook. Based on each Facebook page, you can see your Facebook Discuss tools.

The first 3 tools Discuss Facebook friends online is the tool. Precisely what your Facebook friends online at this time. The next tool is to discuss applications of Facebook, you can tell if you have new Facebook messages from the mold. 3. The Facebook tool in the debate is the ultimate tool for discussion.

7) Create and Facebook groups.

Just as they have subscribed to your blog, they will join the Facebook group. This way, people can search on Facebook to feel for the other groups are welcome.

Facebook Groups, sell viral mechanisms. Search Facebook for groups related to your topic and related breeds. In each of these groups you can send a message on the group wall or discussion board, post or you can use the mail, a link function to inform group members of your group and your blog.

By promoting your group on Facebook at first, but decreases as advertising for your blog, by chance, the group leader will delete your message. Any Facebook member can join to form a group and invite users to list their friends.

A form asking you to give the group a name, past and present in class. In the next phase, you can customize your third-party applications available, upload a profile photo and permission.

A secret group, is the amazing work related activity, but it will not appear in search results. The choice of a closed group could be the best idea for you to protect your privacy. You’ll love the members of your contact list to join the select group.

When you start a group on Facebook, you can invite members of the group and share their thoughts, opinions and consultations on your product, idea or start-up to join. Invitations to a Facebook group have joined, you can be on your Facebook friends to your Yahoo contacts, etc.

8) Integrate your application in certain areas of Facebook profile

A Facebook application can take several forms, but to implement fully the choice of integration points and deliver a complete user experience, it is recommended to integrate your application in certain areas of the Facebook profile.

This allows millions of viewers for your company is seen around Facebook and potential donors, who would win, of course, go to your start-up website.

Remember to follow all rules Facebook, otherwise you may still be banned and your account deleted. This is not what you are looking for. Instead, the group would function, you can promote your site in the rules of Facebook. Do not exceed, in thinking that you can circumvent the rules. Use Facebook features to your advantage and you get more traffic to your site to see.

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