Blackberry and iPhone users rejoice.  A new service (that’s free) allows you to send video to your twitter profile and cross link to other social media platforms.

Ever want to share a quick video for your blog to other marketing site?  See a local event unfolding that people should know about? Now you can instantly share this information.

With the recent success of TwitPic, an app that allows Twitter users to share photos, mobile video tweeting seems like the natural progression for Twitter fans. TwitPic has over 2.5 million users a month, reports TechCrunch. “Celebrities on Twitter are now using it, and it made headlines around the world when a man snapped a picture of the Hudson plane crash and posted it to the service. The Twitter community, it seems, wants a way to share media via the micro-messaging service. And the next logical step in that is video. Enter TwitVid.”

Read on to learn how you can broadcast your own videos to your Twitter followers.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. The TwitVid app for phone or computer
  2. A Twitter account

    Make your Video

    1. It’s easy to start tweeting video. Start with the TwitVid app. The application is available for both BlackBerry and iPhones. Find the BlackBerry app on BlackBerry App World and iPhone users can get the app from the iTunes App Store. The apps are free to download.
    2. Download the app to your phone. TwitVid enables you to post your TwitVids automatically to Twitter as well as other social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube. I like this feature the most since  I can hit several different sites at the same time.  I don’t have a lot of time so being able to have my content sent to multiple sites at the same time can save you a boat load of time.
    3. When you want to tweet a video, simply open the app. Select “Record a New Video” and shoot your video. The TwitVid site does not put a limit on video length. Watch the video length.  Imagine trying to upload a 20 MB file from your phone-it may take a little while.  So keep it short and to the point.
    4. When you’re ready to tweet your video, enter the text to accompany your video tweet and hit “Send.” The video will be posted to the TwitVid site. The TwitVid app automatically creates a shortened URL as part of your tweet and will warn you if you type too many characters in your tweet.

    5. Every video has “like” and “retweet” buttons, which feed back into the Twitter stream and can quickly spread your video among many more Twitter users. This is the Viral nature of twitter and social media.  So you can get a lot of people visiting your blog or affiliate links.

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    Mike Warren