Blogging. The word sends fear into the hearts of a few. It does not need to if you will follow a few simple steps that will make the whole experience a lot more pleasant. I used to blog (write a little comment or article) and I wondered when I would get a comment and get to engage with others on my blog. Many tools exist now that really help to promote your blog on other social media platforms quickly and for free. Here are five ways I use to promote my own blog:

1) I have installed a plugin called “Tweetly Updater” ( You put in your Twitter user name. If you don’t have an account with (URL shortner service with analytics-this shows how many people click on your links), you will sign up for this service and put in your account information on the settings page for Tweetly Updater. You can let it automatically publish your posts to Twitter so that all the people following you can click through your link and read your blog. This is automated and operates in the background which means it is one less thing I have to remember. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet and are not sure on how to use it to drive traffic or make money then check out the TwitterCashMachine

2) On Facebook, I have used the Notes feature and automatically imported my blog. You can do this both on your personal page and your business page.

3) On LinkedIn, go to their applications and select the WordPress or Typepad application (depending upon which blogging platform you use). You will complete the information and be able to import your blog to LinkedIn. Here, people will only see a “teaser” of what’s in your blog post. They will have to click on the hyperlinked title to read your entire blog post on your website.

4) Direct Message [from time to time] or send an @reply (start tweet with @username….–then it will show up in their Mentions area–I know many people who do not read their Direct Messages) to some of your followers who have a large following on Twitter and ask them if they would please retweet your blog link. I’ve had this type of request from many people in the past and if I feel that it’s relevant to my target audience on Twitter, I am always happy to retweet. Plus retweeting gets you noticed and gets you even more followers whcih leads to more traffic, more leads, more sales; you get the idea.

5) This may seem simple, but make sure to include your website / blog URL in your email signature. In Outlook it is as simple as going to Tools/Options/mail Format/Signatures and creating a signature with your blog address on it. You will be amazed at how many people click on your links in your emails.

Do you have any ideas you could share? I’m sure there are many great ideas, so please share them with us in the comments section.