Ning a bad choice for biz by staff

Ning, among many other network builders and abuse occur and Cyber-Bulling transformed consumers.

Ning calf that I do not think ill be living there. Is this how people relate to each other

Would you really invest in a plan that has been stolen from other developers ideas

We had bad luck on Ning. ning also controls what you can or do in your own network, in fact one day, you can switch your network cause the popularity of someone will be or what you are injured in the system.

A place like Ning is a place you should stay clear of anyway. Most of what we have seen, has been illegal content and activities of decision makers. Some are even under-age users to networks and allow music downloads to open for public use and market music from major labels like Sony, A & R and more.

we do the rights to post and streaming music as they have not sold or given as downloading. We here at APU media to contact the artist to be sure that we use in order, all types of media first. some artists we know personally.

Ning the support will also tell you that any type of browser is not compatible and offers no support for them in any list of them. (all browsers are compatible with the net.) herd is a Firefox browser and is installed on the system itself, such as Firefox, but employees ning support the company downgraded homes, indicating that it is not a compatible browser and This was not a Firefox browser.

You never saw whether it was, and when we told them it was, she came to us from the ning blocking our e-mail connection to the closing of our network and we never given the reasons why it happened. We do not worry this is the case, why we posted what Ning is really and how staff are poorly to the electricity they consume.

The company is within its own because of the actions of service personnel

Support is not and would not answer any calls to high-tech system. I was shocked when they do not know the admins know chokes, as we are not even the developers who are unable to answer all questions on the support of all. Ning networks are also other slander can save your network for your members and you never know.

After a few rows in the section on Ning Company Site, we began to start watching it.

It is our duty to the safety of Internet users and members and clients on our part to companies like ning conscious false. com.

contribute most of the networks in ning as a competition to be better than anyone in the system is good not the popularity of our game. we did not have a client or customer to see us or request services from the date of Ning libel remarks about us and took us for libel comments on things that we have never done or attempted by other networks ning to make itself.

If you want to build a network of better quality and more reliable, without stealing the harassment of other networks or in your work or members. Jump to KickApps. com, the best and the support is there to help you when you need it. basically your looking at MySpace, a software system is the most popular and reliable and safe. Myspace system is PHP-Fuchs system is off, it is delivered reliably the most popular. ning is not pop and it’s not their software to do.

We have studied more about the system of Manning, who said she had them and their biz plan.

We found the same system but different lay out to other parts of the network and the world, one in the United Kingdom and other rearing calves. The system is a social networking program based on PHP CSS and HTML that you can even buy. It’s like the system after the creation of a cPanel hosting plan put in place. Basically, if you blog on WordPress and make your WordPress site is for information which required loan. that the same thing applies to your network system instead of your user control is on the network.

We investigated several schemes, such as Ning, and 3 was ning, so we buy have lied to investors to know, and therefore they did this happen Biz Plan claim, was in the same year , biz has been stolen from one of our customers. we had to build and host more than one year and nothing came of payment, so we had removed. Needless to say that we never work because of false information and fake websites, which was set up by another company claiming it was not even legal to do or not license to pay.

Crystal AKA DJ_Stormy I am a musician who works in all areas of the stage, set up lighting, sound productions, then moved to the audio and video design and web programming, where I am now more talented. Yes, I always sing DJ and a little theater I was in the music industry for over 15 years. I have my own computer repair service upgrade design, web hosting web design local radio DJ-Ing. more I had a son, Aaron Michael, who, during my recent travels road as a band in the early 90’s when music was all old, free to the metal scene. I have great labels like Ozzy, Firehouse, Quit Riot show while I was working out or fulfilled. Went to school with some members of KIX. I once met with Bill Leverty the firehouse thanked me for using the song Get Ready for my watch again with EFX issued by us here in PA U Media, he was very happy at ‘still there and do what it inspires me to keep a fire station and to do was stay in music. I do not know what I say here, but all Keep rocking.