Where were you?

If you have not lived in a cave for the past 4 years, you’ve probably heard. It is a rocking hot social networking site, which now appears almost everywhere. It’s in the news. It’s on the radio. It is based on the spirit of millions of people every day.

It’s called “Up” and more than 175 million people are active on this site.

OK, I know you will be prompted to “a law on Facebook?” Yes, 10 of them to do the marketing and commercial success in what you do. I am a marketer and 20 years. J ‘I built a company training and consulting company in over 20 countries, not because of social media and the Internet. And there are laws that all marketing professionals and marketing companies should follow when they are successful in the online market to have.

It is the same for Facebook.

Can they cover short

1) The law of visibility on Facebook.

You must be seen by you on Facebook, get your message. You need to spend time on Facebook and get to know people. You need to be made a blueprint “facebook” and it works. How many hours per week, you will be seen on FB? How often do you make friends with someone this week? How many times are you going to upload pictures this week? All these things you put in the box “visibility” on Facebook, and on the radar, how far on Facebook. Be seen and be there on a daily basis.

2) The right of the powerful Up Show.

Why do people know that you want to learn? One of the first things they do is check your Facebook profile. What to say, but better yet, what it does? Are there people curious and want to know that you love? If she is thinking? Does it make you smile? Is it to show them that you value their life and can contribute to change?

Powerful Facebook profiles are not based on what is said in your profile, but what he does.

Does it do anything for them now? Is it to tell them that you are the person they need to know? Or someone who has a beautiful image and profile of Nice without snapping? You put yourself out there and tell the world why you as a friend and get them to take steps to take with you.

3) The law of the wall of Facebook.

You need your wall or a message to the market. Many people see their wall as a communication service such as e-mail. It is not. You already have an e-mail Facebook. The wall is for the build-Brick By Brick-MESSAGE message-note for note-VIDEO VIDEO-your brand on Facebook. Every time something happens, it goes to the wall. Do not look at the wall mount the sucker and get your message to the height of the top and stay there with the wall. And respond to messages on the wall. Thank people to share with you to visit or message. This is now on his wall. This will be determined by the most on Facebook. The wall is just a billboard on what you do and what your friends on Facebook. Use it often and carefully done.

4) The law of your network Facebook.

They are part of a local network Facebook, and you have friends with access to the network at their disposal. I live in Birmingham, Michigan, and I am a part of Network of Detroit. There are 640,926 people in my network that I can live to share in a local town and learn to communicate and connect with them. You have the local population as well. Where to find your network?

Click on “Settings” and then click Network. You’ll find it. This is a gold mine of people in your area to join and lead the construction of new bridges of trust, shops in the street can.

5) The law of Facebook notifications.

They forget one and rarely spoke about the benefits. Alerts are part of the facebook “system of e-mail.” Go to “Send” on top of your Facebook profile page and click on “messages”. This is the list you think, you speak also in the tags, and usually points to you. This is a gold mine of people who have proven they leave behind and are ready to enter a part of their experience with Facebook is. Beware of Facebook notifications. We thank them for their thoughts of you know on their wall and let them know you appreciate it. They contain, as well as on your tags and other activities on Facebook. Messages are golden and a perspective for the vault of the leads. And be sure to keep in touch with them.

6) The law of love Facebook link.

Link on the Facebook application is a hot commodity. It gives you a link you like and then send mail on new son, who is on your homepage. She took the photo on page links, and allows a direct connection. Email link from other people and GiveMe some love. DO NOT simply send your own links. Let others do. Find links to other interesting and then they send them.

WHY? EXPOSURE for you. You will receive a credit for the link. People love love relationship. When you send a large number of links to others on Facebook, they’ll send your links. Been there done that.

7) The right of Facebook groups.

Participation in groups. Join many groups. Start your own group. The groups most accede. Why? Here are a few reasons: exposure. Connecting to other group members. AUTHORITY. Create your own page and a leader. INCREASE your fingertips. Groups, expand your reach into Facebook. Multiple perspectives. There are more people in a group – then on a profile page.

Duh. Make a list of your own group and then you can make an admin and e-mails to them. Let them messages of value and interest.

8) The law of Facebook events.

Attend events. Visit other events. And then visit many other events. Why? You can leave a message on the wall of the events page and create the exhibition. I visit Facebook to learn at least 2 times a week and networking. Events of May on the new Facebook page top right under “future”, which are the upcoming events. This is a unique twist: You have a birthday in the “next” day and you can send gifts to people. This will attract their attention, as it appears on their wall and news content as well. Take as many events as you can. interesting to learn and grow from them. BUT’always leave a message on visiting RSVP or not, with an encouraging message. This will demonstrate your professionalism and caring.

Event-UP! This you will do well on Facebook. Insert the word “events” in the search box, and there is an event that can be found in your network of friends. It is a treasure trove of new possibilties of society. Become a master of events!

9) The law of multimedia Facebook videos and photos.

People love pictures and video. They are monitored, and pages viewed on Facebook. You make a few videos and upload them. Transfer photos. Not only see on the wall and the Facebook news feeds, but also lets you “tag”, others on this point. That means you choose who you friends and let them know that you can think of them. And if you have someone tag it displays on their wall. Is not it cool? This is called exposure!

10) The law of the Facebook News Feed.

This is the Big Kahuna of the exhibition on Facebook. This leaves you with all your friends and create a considerable burden of vehicles can keep your brand before and are acknowledged. Find the right number of times on the “star” of the distribution of new news on the right side. This gives you tremendous exposure. Everything you want to change your status, send a video, write and publish a note, or just news of another person comment on the Facebook news feed, it is evident in the news flow. Be seen and be seen often when you try to brand themselves on Facebook.

But if you’re a market on facebook, then you have at least a guideline for what and how. The 10 Laws of Social Media Facebook has given you an idea of hope in your marketing efforts on social media.

Blessing. . . Doug Firebaugh

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