Based on questions we get from our clients I broke down some of the most common. Please comment and let me know what you think.

1. How many tweets? The biggest question we hear is “how many times should I tweet each day?” Here’s the answer: post two tweets a day. Se Volume 1 for what to tweet to make your tweets viral and build followers.

2. Mix it up. One of those two tweets should be a helpful link for your particular audience, as opposed to a sales link. You want to provide real value to your followers, not just ads.

3. Space it out. Have a few hours between your tweet posts. Do one in the morning and one at night. If you have trouble setting aside time twice a day, try using a tool such as SocialOomph (you will have to register for a free account) to schedule your tweets and have them sent when you’re asleep or doing something else.

4. Make it pretty. Use a link shortening tool to help hide the fact that it’s an affiliate link. See Volume 2 for twitter analytics.

5. Link to your own blog. Have some of your helpful links point to your blog posts. Post blog entries that are helpful to people or give them value in other ways. Getting your Twitter followers onto your site deepens the relationship you have with them and builds your readership.

6. Be fun. Link to funny stuff in some of your tweets. People love a laugh, and you want your readers to consider you a real person, not an information machine. You may want to stick to your niche (if you have built a niche following) so that you can have “inside” jokes that are more likely to get laughs from your readers.

7. Be a hot source of ideas. Take note of interesting sites you come across. In a typical day, you probably find many more compelling or helpful sites and tools than you expect, and if you have a targeted following, you can help them out by sharing.

8. Research it. To find valuable links, simply research topics that are of interest to you or your followers.

9. Be a “watcher” and re-tweet (RT). Follow the best Twitter accounts in your niche. How to get started: There are sites that provide a list of popular people who you should follow. You can also use Twitter Search to find the most frequent and popular tweeters on your niche. When they tweet something interesting, re-tweet it to share it with your followers.

10. Stir it up. Ask open-ended questions to draw out responses from your followers. This will result in other users replying to you, and in doing so, they are using your Twitter ID in their responses. That means that your ID appears on their feed and all of their followers can click to learn about you and begin following you. This approach is key to “snowball” growth of your followers.

11. …And shake it up. Ask controversial questions in your tweets. Ask people to give their opinion on an issue. In this way, you are interacting with others. Your followers will like to see that you are not just putting on a sales front but are engaging and there to help. They’ll also be more likely to recommend you to their followers – again, growing your base of followers.

I hope you enjoy these tips. Please comment and let me know that you are alive.

Mike Warren