Twitter is the current top “Hot Property” on the Web, but its popularity and how to use it, intrigued many business owners. Many people think they want, or should not include using Twitter, but simply platform, use his or her place in the creation of the exhibition site. This article will demystify Twitter and help you learn to use it at work and promote your business.

Firstly, I must say that I was, how to use Twitter for my own business to benefit confused than I am downloaded web. Web is a desktop application and check for updates on Twitter and Facebook Post simultaneously. I think it’s a “must have” application for anyone who wants to make the point of Twitter. Web, you can people you follow on Twitter sorted into groups, you can show the number of border Tweets (Twitter micro-posts) at any time, and you can convert all tweets that you see with one click delete. In addition, Web help, finally, a Twitter search on a topic that makes sense.

Since I did experience a much better site Twitter. As a new comer is Twitter, visit your own homepage Twitter intimidating, it is the contribution to the post by people who follow you, which you may not know much, and it seems it was a huge amount of content. To effectively begin the first group of people who actually say something interesting on the web and voila, you have a powerful tool that will be at the top, which keeps your industry and on the web.

So how come you started with Twitter? Well, the first thing to understand start on Twitter itself, what you read, you follow, how, how, and to identify clearly what you want on Twitter. For me it boils down to this: I follow people in my industry who say that something of value, representing a link to a new application or point me to another interesting article, video or a blog site that consideration should, perhaps, but I’ve never found. After what I want, and people I find interesting to read, write my Twitter posts with the same formula to develop my own Twitter crowd.

What I also on Twitter, the people I follow on how they show their true personality in your tweets. Ye, s I like what Danny Sullivan (aka engine marketing research expertise guru) had lunch, but even better is the link to the video, he thought was funny. I like the following Ashton Kutcher (movie star Demi Moore married, you simply press) 1 million Twitter followers in April. Man the guy is really funny and has a ball with Twitter. His contributions are great and he has earned the status of the user with the most followers. Therefore you can not arrest someone for “Ghost Twitter” for you. It’s about, shows the real you – you can not fake it!

How do you Twitter for business? Twitter is an excellent tool for connecting and which is the true value for the company. Using Twitter to people like the content on your site, the articles you have written or your site, or by connecting to a service you develop, you increase attendance. In addition, Google actually indexes Twitter, and your Twitter page can be displayed in the organic results, so be sure that organic thoughtful. Do not waste time with Twitter blog posts to point to your use of the Web to publish blog posts directly on Twitter. If you have a blog or website, you are a new Twitter followers by publishing your website accessible directly on your web pages. People who may not have known your Twitter ID, you can simply click on the ground “follow-me link and start on the next Twitter.

What is important for success in using Twitter to find out what you personally like these new media, then the same kind of things you want your own supporters as – providing value-added work, no talk! Then you must play with Twitter and learn how to use it until it a real success for your business.

How do you get a trailer? Well, I started by removing all (which I found using a search Twitter) took the name McCord. While I was looking for web design, optimization of search engines and pay-per-click. Each profile website that looked good, I clicked to follow the writer. It was so easy. Many people who follow you decide to follow. To start building your base of Twitter. Over time, you begin to recognize a “voice Twitter” and the type of presence you Twitter, specifying the content and style of the things you do not tweeter about. As you refine your presence, you will build after.

Another use of Twitter is cool that you can answer all your supporters simply by an @ before their nick Twitter. For example, to send something to use my attention @ all mccordweb front of your Twitter post and click ENTER. Remember that this body can be seen on all the trailers on my site and on the Twitter site. If you have a private exchange, go to the direct message on Twitter the link. com site and choose a supporter of Twitter username and your message to send from there. This index will be private. If you web, you can on Twitter supporter of the icon of identity and then choose to send a direct message or @ reply. Web automatically uses the correct syntax for you in the beep.

For many companies the option for users who are using Twitter to communicate with management, is an invaluable resource. This one-to-one exchange allows a company involves the payment of capital to keep an eye on the views and interests of customers. In response, direct mail no Twitter or e-mail application and requires no response, it is a good way to leverage social networks to test new ideas and seek feedback from users. For example, if you request a new software product, your Twitter followers for information about a specific function or a link to your beta version can be used for their tests.

How do you use Twitter is all about your personal business needs. The best advice I can offer you that you need to use Twitter a little at first to understand the environment and to know what is best read as the use of Twitter. Then create your own Twitter network to exchange information that you find interesting and fun.

Currently, I am 204 people and 183 people follow me on Twitter. Personally, I find Twitter a lot of fun and very cool to know first in the world, before reading to see on television, web, or look in the newspaper. This is the real power of Twitter to share, you can discover and you know, all of a person to person exchange of information.

For those of you who follow you in my electronic newsletter for the rest of the content of Twitter applications and uses.

Some applications of Twitter that I love, and my regular business.

Twuffer – I love this one, is a scheduler Twitter post. Some people think Twuffer immediacy of Twitter messages or tweets defeats, but I love him, I will Tweets on the days I’m not blogging my disciples, you will find important things that I keep updated Calendar. It is easy to use, you can tweet before, and you can help schedule the date and time. If you push the content to a service or product is an excellent tool to use. Insert your Tweets up to a week or a month at a time and feed your content to readers in addition to your regular tweets. Be sure to use www. Tinyurl. com to change a long URL that you specify to save the tweet to Twitter-friendly short version for a seat.

Twitter Feed – This is another of my top favorites. Web lets me messages in my blog Authority Web “to point directly to Twitter. It allows me to publish my Tweets on my blog again (with the installation of a widget) in my blog template — Cross-interaction very cool, I take a lot of Twitter followers with this technique. Readers come visit my blog and then choose to follow me on Twitter.

Twitter Grader – This is a vanity application that you see when you stack against other allows Twitter users. Twitter Grader measures the strength of a user on Twitter followers, the number of updates and posting frequency. TweetBeep – With this application you can manage your online reputation Twitter. Alerts notify you by e-mail when a user of Twitter Tweets on your company name or domain. Select the criteria for bidding and what they have to use TweetBeep Clock. This is for a company that is on brand and online identity is affected wide. PR professionals should make sure to use this tool to view all their customers.

Twitoria – Clean your Twitter followers from which people never Twitter or post often so you can delete them directly from the interface Twitoria.

Qwitter – If you know when someone stops following you wish to subscribe to this service. In fact, this is an excellent tool for finding out what hate a player you have and let them chop “up to date so that you can refine your message. If you receive a flood of drops After a beep, you can learn that people do not like a certain type of Tweet – instant feedback on an anonymous level!

One great thing about Twitter that I’m not even listed, but is actually one of the best features of Twitter is the ability to text-to tweets from your phone. Even if you do not combine easily with great content in general on the fly, which is the ability to connect with other people in connection with, without showing a computer attached to the opportunity for the “real you . Maybe your fans want to know what you eat for lunch or for a seminar you be so kind and do not spew spam Twitter on BlackBerry for meaningless chatter.

You can easily calculate the possibility of sending SMS messages from your Twitter account available on your cell phone or BlackBerry, but as you may be flooded, if you have a large fan base, be careful. I recommend to get Twitter updates via SMS on your mobile phone by a small group. For example, if a project team, a Twitter account for every member to define, so they send only unique to this small group of team members. To check the value and interact with each other anytime, anywhere using Twitter from your computer or mobile adds real value for workgroups and teams – especially the team manager. Twitter allows you to do the same kind of private group.

Another feature of Twitter is its ability to allow hashtags in your Tweets in the keywords in order to help others find your important content. For example, if you use laearthquake always about a recent earthquake in LA, not # in front of the Tweet Tweet. Through the use of Twitter hashtags allow you to resume your search for information on Tweets newsworthy. Hashtags visit. org for more information on hashtags hot, now if you can follow the subject, or create your own to add are. For example, in the world of Twitter, the days are underway to send on Friday, with followfriday # and enter the Twitter ID you want to recommend. They would at the cool new people, you can monitor and interact with the recommendations of the people following his surprise.

Twitter is a summary of the hottest media on the new Internet landscape has come to Facebook. This is not really “new” Twitter has recently very high profile. If you’re in business, Twitter definitely warrants your attention. This is not just a very smart new tool to use in your marketing arsenal, but I think the more you’ll love to him, use and taste before serving. The way you use Twitter are manifold: for teams, for family members for business networking in order to remain at the forefront of the news of your promotion and your services, and simply have fun online with d ‘ others. Remember, you can not really make sense of Twitter for companies without web and similar aggregation and sorting application. Thank you for reading, you will see on Twitter, you can join me @ mccordweb or visit www. Twitter. com / mccordweb.

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