Google Tech Talk April 30, 2009 ABSTRACT Presented by Laura Fitton Headlines alternately shout how Twitter is a Google Killer, and how it is a narcissistic flood of updates about what people you don’t care about had for lunch. How can something that looks like noise from the outside be so compelling from the inside? Laura Fitton – @pistachio – will explain how microsharing on Twitter and similar services can make the web feel warm and human, can give you real-time information on what customers think of you and why she hasn’t bought anything over $50 without asking Twitter first. With concrete examples, she’ll show how Twitter has enabled large companies to gain sales and reduce support costs, how the famous have used it to cut out media misrepresentation, and how the Twitter platform has enabled a new class of web developers to take off fast. Laura @Pistachio Fitton Founder, Pistachio Consulting A vocal advocate for productive business uses of Twitter/microsharing, Laura re-launched Pistachio Consulting with that exclusive focus. Pistachio published the first white paper on Enterprise Microsharing and covers business microsharing on the touchbase blog, and the touchbase link blog. Clients include J&J, Ford and peoplebrowsr. Lauras use of social media has been in five books, including Seth Godins Tribes, in the press (Forbes, the New York Times, businessweek, LA Times, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, Inc) and throughout the blogosphere. She speaks at tech events and schools like Harvard Business School, Bentley College, Clemson and Emerson. Laura is founder of, advisor to tipjoy and cotweet, co-author of Twitter for Dummies and a Fellow with