I was speaking at the worlds largest networking and wealth building event in Dallas and I got to hang out on Bret Michaels (Lead singer of Poison) on his tour bus where we had some drinks toasted the success of the event and just hung out. It is awesome when a rock star acts as host!

Bret Michaels and Mike Warren

I’ve never been move moved and inspired in all my business life, as I was this past weekend at Mega Partnering V in Dallas, TX.
My friend, coach, and business partner, JT Foxx, put this exclusive event together.

Honestly, I’m still on an event high and I’ve been back for four days.

I’ve taken copious notes throughout the weekend, and I’d like to share them with you…

The Charity Auction For St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

In just one hour we raised over $650,000 for The Eric Trump Foundation and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. It was an incredible experience.

Picture this. JT Foxx, rock star Bret Michaels, Eric Trump and I were joined on stage by a 12 year old cancer survivor who received moving and heartfelt standing ovation. Powerful! Tears where rolling. And even more important, we got to see the face of someone the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital has helped.

erick trump and mike warren

To add to the excitement of the evening, Dave Hester of A&E’s hit reality show “Storage Wars” played the role of a brilliant auctioneer. And of course, Bret Michaels performance was a stand out hit.

From this, I learned that it’s not how much money you make, but how much money you can give back.

WOZ, Apple Co-Founder: Steve Wozniak

All I can say is WOW. Smart, funny, and his stories of working with Steve Jobs blew us away!

No matter how many challenges Apple faced in the early days, they were able to accomplish the impossible.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together changed the world simply by interacting with it.

The speech was a game changer. It inspired everyone in attendance to think bigger. I took over 30 pages of notes and I plan on implementing all of my ideas as quickly as possible.

My picture with him is already sitting on my desk. Honestly, I haven’t stopped looking at it since.

Click the link at the bottom it see it, and the rest of the pictures from Mega Partnering V.

Eric Trump

He is very different from his father. At 28, he really has it together. He’s savvy and polished. The way he puts deals together and how he works with freedom without micromanagement from his farther is impressive.

His love for charity, and his willingness to help was inspirational. He took time to talk with everyone at the conference and network with as many of us as possible. (Who knows, some attendees may even do business with him in the future.)

My Coach Nido

Simply Masterful! That’s how I would describe his speech. He is elegant, powerful, and insightful. His lessons on how to grow your business were impactful. Without his coaching I know I wouldn’t have tripled my business in the years since I’ve met him.

He received a well-deserved standing ovation.

NIDO, our hats off to your presentation! (He is subscribed to these emails and is probably reading this!)

Steve Bradbury (Olympic Gold Medalist)
Steve Bradbury and Mike Warren
Steve’s “Last Man Standing” Presentation was by far the most inspiring.

He shared how he almost died a year earlier before winning the gold, the story behind his gold medal, his nail-biting finish, and how he overcame the obstacles and odds to win!

At the end of his presentation he took out his gold medal, the Olympic theme music blasted in the background, the crowd was silent, and you could feel Goosebumps.

Many of the attendees got to wear his gold medal and take a picture. It was truly the coolest thing ever!

Stedman Graham

Stedman Graham is Oprah’s boyfriend and he really displayed his great sense of business acumen. As a best selling author on identity and core value his message really resonated with the crowd. He was really down to earth. I hope he tells Oprah how amazing this event was and that she comes to the next one!

Quality of the attendees and the networking

I have never gone to an event where the quality of attendees was so high. Everyone was well-dressed and wearing power suits. There were people there with net worth in the hundreds of millions and from all areas of business.

I currently have on my desk 106 business cards, meaning there were still 700 quality people I never got to meet.

Everyone there was qualified to be there. It was the first time in my life that everyone I talked to could have been a client or doing business with me. Truly amazing! WOW!

JT Foxx

My coach, my friend, and the founder of Mega Partnering was simply brilliant. What he put together is nothing short of amazing. I have attended hundreds of events and this was by far the greatest.

Even WOZ, Bret Michaels, and Eric Trump publicly said that. JT’s content was so powerful. His Disney presentation, Mega Partnering MBA, and “How To Grow Your Business” talks where some of the best note taking sessions they have seen in a long time!

To go from a broke 24 year old from Canada to being one of the top business wealth coaches and entrepreneurs in the world in just 7 years is an astonishing feet.

Now he can add best promoter because after Mega Partnering V, I now buy in 100% to the vision that JT had created for everyone who attended Mega Partnering!

Mega Partnering in LA

JT Foxx made the announcement that the next Mega Partnering will be in LA November 28th – December 2nd. The confirmed featured VIP attendees include Michael Eisner – former CEO of Disney, Kathy Ireland – former Super Model turned business branding mogul running a $1 Billion empire and worth over $350 million.

There will also be a women only mastermind dinner after she speaks. There are 5 more super VIP guests that JT has not revealed yet, but will be in the coming weeks.

As you know, I had sent you an email about this conference and given you a special invitation as my guest. If you did accept my invitation, you know how magical the experience was. If you did not, then now you know what you missed.

Trust me, this was one of the most powerful conferences you can attend. It will change your business life forever. It will put your passions and purpose in line with your destiny.

As Donald Trump, Myself and JT Foxx always says, Go Big or Go Home! The choices you make will determine the reality of your outcome.

I went to Mega Partnering V and my life, relationships, and business will never be the same.

Click here to see the pictures of the event…

Your friend and champion of your success and prosperity,

Mike Warren