In the past week there have been two major events that have sparked my own interest and have captured the US and the world by storm.

But which one will have the most impact?

The first one The launch of “Tony Robbins”: I’m Not Your Guru which was produced by Joe Belinger, also famous for producing “Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster”.

It’s not doubt that this will turn more of the world onto Tony Robbin’s “Life Changing” Programs, notably his signature program “Date With Destiny” where he gets people that are even on the edge of suicide to change their lives, as he says “in a heartbeat”.

The next MAJOR event that you have to be aware of unless you live under a rock is the “Pokemon Go Craze”.

Within a matter of two weeks the company has more than doubled it’s valuation to $25 Billion and is raking in $1.6 Million a day in online game sales (the game is free – but the upgrades cost real money).

Also, businesses are attractive new Pokemon playing costumers into their store through a purchased GPS function in the app that has increased one pizza shops sales already by 75% in a matter of days!

Account users are also flipping accounts to other players for THOUSANDS of dollars.

This may be a fad, but it’s the new gold rush of the summer for sure at least.

So Tony vs. Pokemon?

I’ll have to call it a draw.

While Pokemon can add some SERIOUS coin to you pocket if you get on this wave (especially brick and mortar business), Tony has literally saved lives and made people happy, healthy millionaires (and billionaires) by the hundreds using his methods.

Hopefully this inspires you to take some action today….

The possibilities are endless.

To Your Financial AND “Life” Abundance,

Mike Warren