I now have over 75 MILLION views and 175000 SUBSCRIBERS and here’s how I did it! It’s not as hard as you’d think : ) My saying “subscribers are like car batteries” means, subscribers are like the power of a car battery, the more power your battery has, the bigger the motor the battery can start. In reality it means, your subscribers are the ones who put you on the most disscussed / most viewed lists… the more your viewers interact with you, the more new unique viewers you’ll recieve once you reach the lists. My guess is, only about 30% of youtube’s viewers have accounts which means, many of these unique viewers don’t even subscribe. If you can inspire these people to get youtube accounts, then you’re golden. I hope this video helped : ) Here is the video I was mentioning that bradofarrell made… it’s a good video for new Mac users: www.youtube.com -Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams