“This is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.” – Hank Green If it wasn’t for youtube, I couldn’t have done this. It’s thanks to youtube that I was able to team up with Rick Davis – an American school teacher in Bangladesh who got in contact with me after finding one of my videos on youtube. He helped pay and plan this trip this rural village in a military-controlled and malaria heavy part of Bangladesh. And, of course, I couldn’t have done this without the support of John and Hank Green and all the Nerdfigthers out there. Hank Green’s donation went to Rithanu – an 11 year old malaria survivor. Hank’s youtube channel is: youtube.com Patrick’s donation went to help 7 year old Jack (who, if I heard correctly from the locals, is also a malaria survivor). Patrick’s youtube channel is: youtube.com The donation of a permanet (a long lasting insecticide treated mosquito net) was made possible with the help of Vestergaard-Frandsen. Vestergaard-Frandsen manufactures permanets along with other products that help control the spread of disease in the developing world. You can find more information at: www.permanet.com http youtube.com I was neither paid nor required to endorse their products. I endorse them because their products work – I’ve witnessed this first hand. If you’d like to donate one of their products, check out my recommended charities list: uncultured.com The music for this video was provided by some amazingly talented artists who release their music for free under the Creative Commons. The music used in this video (in order used) include: “How Far” by Jamison Young “Borderline” by Brad Sucks “I Wanna Know” by Josh Woodward You can find more about these artists by checking out their websites and youtube channels: Jamison Young: jamyoung.net youtube.com Brad Sucks jamyoung.net youtube.com Josh Woodward www.joshwoodward.com http Full Disclosure Regarding Rick Davis: Rick Davis (the teacher at the American International School in Dhaka) is associated with this NGO and helped design the sponsorship program. His involvement with this NGO is voluntary and unpaid. He was not paid nor financially benefits from endorsing this ngo’s sponsorship program. This video is licensed under the Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA).